NX4GT is the callsign issued to me by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for my Ham Radio station license.

Ham Radio is one of my oldest hobbies. It's been around in recognizeable form since 1901. It is still one of the most flexible forms of communications. You can literally talk with almost anyone in the world, even if they don't have a radio. Best of all you get UNLIMITED FREE AIRTIME! With NO MONTHLY CHARGES. (Can't do that with a cell phone.)

IRLP node 8566/Allstar 48013

NX4GT repeater

IRLP node 8765/Allstar 48081

NX4GT beacon

This is the Hamshack. We put the shed in when the house was being rebuilt from Hurricane Jeanne. The deal was, it would become the home for much of my Ham radio equipment when the house was finished.

I can literally talk around the world from here, as well as mobile from my Ford Ranger, or even from one of my held-held radios which I usually carry when I'm away from home.

One of my handheld radios. So far, I have talked to South Africa, England, and Australia while carrying the radio around at work in Orlando, Fl

Through the "magic" of repeaters and repeater linking, I can transmit from my shirt-pocket radio with less power than a small flashlight, and still be part of a global communications network. I have worked ham stations all over the world (and a few in orbit) while walking around at work.

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