Meet Patty's Cats

This is Rosa Lyssa. She tolerates Patty, but she's really a man's cat. She's our senior cat, and Kira's mom.

Kira Jean (pronounced Zhahn as in the French) is a big cat, but he has a funny little meow. He's not so tough, either.

This is Tennessee Tuxedo, or Ten-ten. She likes to ambush other cats at the cat door. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of group living.

Tsali Putzarelli is a Hemmingway. He's got six toes on his feet. He was named after the Cherokee hero Tsali. Putzarelli is to make him sound Italian.

Yoda is Kira's uncle, and Rosa Lyssa's brother-in-law. He's the oldest and alpha male, but he doesn't care that much.

Snickers doesn't know what a stranger is. Get close enough, and he'll put his paws on your chest and get face to face with you.

Toby likes to sit on top of the water dispenser. Otherwise, he's grey and snaggle-toothed.

Abby and Luka are the newbies. She's shown above, and he's shown below.

Some of my more senior cats have passed on, like:

Frostie Blue

Katherine Elizabeth

Quincy Noel Hemmingway

And others have moved to new homes like Callie